Where does the surcharge go?

One hundred percent of the surcharge goes to pay our team and cover rising expenses related to personal time and other health and wellness initiatives. The surcharge is not broken up and redistributed to other business initiatives or investments.

Why is the surcharge taxed?  

The MN Department of Revenue requires us to tax surcharges added to food and beverage bills. 

Why not just increase your prices?

The surcharge is specifically tied to our labor costs, not food, and we feel that placing it on top of your bill is the most transparent place to assign that expense.

What’s the reasoning behind the legal language on your menu and website?

Simply put: we’re following the law. Minnesota state law requires we notify guests of obligatory surcharges with clear and conspicuous notice. The language on our menu and website is taken verbatim from state law and must be printed as is. The language is present to alert you of the surcharge and to protect us against claims of hidden fees and unauthorized charges. Our legal statement is as follows:

The surcharge is 5% which goes to support fair wages and benefits for our entire team. In compliance with Minnesota law, we must state: Pursuant to Minnesota Statute § 177.23, Subd. 9, this charge is not a gratuity for employee service.